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The Clara Brown Entrepreneurial Academy is Aurora Public Schools’ preeminent district-wide destination school for students in grades K-8 who thrive in an educational environment with interdisciplinary learning opportunities that promote curiosity, innovation, and entrepreneurial risk taking.

Our academics are infused with an entrepreneurial approach to learning that empowers students to identify opportunities, anticipate needs, and seek innovative solutions ensuring that they are college & career ready. We use the same district math & literacy curriculum as other APS schools.  We also carve out time for immersive hands-on, real-world scenarios to help students develop a solutions-based mindset to gain real-life skills to address complex challenges. Our dynamic teachers work with students to encourage intellectual risk-taking so that students become confident in their abilities. Our collaborative culture promotes the benefits of working together toward common goals so that students learn to work effectively in teams.

Students graduate from middle school prepared to be innovators and leaders.

65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t even exist yet
- World Economic Forum

Laura Burke, Principal Clara Brown AcademyA Message From Principal Burke

My greatest hope is that students at the Clara Brown Entrepreneurial Academy are excited to learn, stay curious, recognize that they are seen, known, and accepted for who they are, and supported in achieving beyond what they even thought was possible!

Laura Burke, Principal

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Empowering Students with Innovative Risk-Taking Skills: A Colorado Magnet School’s Success Story

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • K-3  -  9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Preschool - 9:00 - 11:45(AM) and 1:15-4:00 (PM) (Pre-K is M-Th only)

We have partnered with Rocky Mountain Kids to provide quality before and after care to our students at reasonable cost to families. Operating hours will be from 6:30 am - 6:00 pm. More information on their programming can be found at https://www.rockymtnkids.com/

472 S. Wheeling St near I-225 & Mississippi Ave in Aurora.

Each student at CBEA is issued their own device. This allows for increased ownership, a sense of responsibility and the assurance that they always have access to the technology they need. A technology use agreement will need to be signed prior to a device being signed out to students.

No uniforms will be required,  students just need to ensure that they are wearing school appropriate clothing. School spirit wear will also be available and we will always encourage students and staff to show their CBEA pride!

  • Large blocks of time are dedicated to Humanities (Reading, Writing, Social Studies) and STEM (Math & Science)
  • Students have one hour Lab classes in Art, PE, Music & Technology
  • Lunch and Recess daily

Aurora is a beautifully diverse community and it is our privilege and priority to ensure that we have a school that represents the richness of that diversity. We have a diverse staff and have students from every region of APS, as well as other parts of the Denver Metro area.

We are an inclusive community and welcome all students, whether they have disabilities, are gifted and talented, or are twice-exceptional identifications. Our staff is partnering closely with parents and district personnel to ensure that all students' needs are met.

Emergent bilingual and multilingual students will have dedicated time each day to develop their English language skills and staff works with a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Teacher Leader to ensure that all students have access to learning throughout their day.

  • A major priority for CBEA is the mental health and well-being of our community. We  incorporate social emotional wellness time into our schedule, as well as time for students to practice newly learned skills.
  • We utilize the Social Emotional Learning Framework (SEL) and 7 Mindsets SEL Curriculum to support our social emotional priorities.
  • Additionally a full-time mental health staff member is on hand to support students each day and is available to help connect families to mental health strategies, supports, and resources in the community.

Students and parents  have had an opportunity to provide feedback on their interests and once we have enough interest in a particular extracurricular activity, we will work to provide whatever opportunities we are able to. Like all APS schools, sports will not start until middle school, so when we begin to have a 6th grade classes, we will determine what sports we will be able to offer. If kids are interested in playing sports prior to middle school, we’d be happy to provide information about local opportunities for kids to participate outside of school at their own expense.

Students residing within APS boundaries, but outside of the walking distance,  receive transportation to CBEA via a hub/satellite system.    No transportation is provided outside of APS boundaries.

At CBEA, we believe that all behavior is communication. In alignment with APS student discipline policies as well as the latest research on effective school discipline, we use a restorative practices approach to discipline and all staff is trained in these practices. Our goal is to maximize the time students spend in school and provide learning opportunities and support for behaviors that disrupt students’ learning. Therefore, suspension is a very last resort. Administration will determine whether or not a student will be suspended on a case by case basis. There is no qualifying event for an automatic suspension except for when a student brings a weapon to school or in the event of a serious threat or physical attack.

We believe that the best learning doesn’t always happen in the classroom and therefore are working to partner with several different organizations to provide field trip opportunities for our students throughout the year. These organizations include, but are not limited to, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and Young Americans Center for Financial Literacy. All field trips are aligned to classroom learning units and serve the purpose of enhancing student learning.

Class sizes at CBEA are  capped at 25 kids per class with one licensed teacher. Paraprofessionals and other adult personnel and/or volunteers are utilized as often as possible to support student learning in the classroom.

While our students’ academic achievement is always a priority, we also believe that having fun and celebrating both events and each other is part of the recipe for success! We believe learning and having fun are not necessarily exclusive of each other. We proudly celebrate our students, staff and community, have fun and laugh often! In alignment with APS policy, we have cultural celebrations, spirit days, and students’ accomplishments, birthdays, etc. are celebrated.

Our approach

Students graduate from middle school prepared to be innovators and leaders.

Our Namesake

Clara Brown embodied the principles of entrepreneurship, leadership, and risk-taking.

Meet our Teachers
Skilled in helping students developing emotional intelligence so that students become confident in their abilities.
Community Partnerships

We partner with businesses and organizations to enrich our curriculum.