Principal’s message

Clara Brown is an inclusive community where everyone is empowered to be innovative risk takers and creators of their own futures.

Here children learn how to develop and act on their ideas to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs and inventors.

Laura Burke, Principal Clara Brown Academy
Laura Burke, Principal

Welcome to Clara Brown Academy. I am truly honored to oversee the launch of this amazing opportunity for Aurora Public Schools. The future needs young minds with an entrepreneurial mindset who can imagine and lead what's next for our society and our world. That's a mindset that can and should be developed at an early age. We've developed a school-wide plan from an integrated curriculum to a social emotional foundation that is intentionally infused with an entrepreneurial approach to learning that empowers students to identify opportunities, anticipate needs, and seek innovative solutions ensuring that they are college & career ready and able to create their own successful futures!

Learning Focus

Our project-based learning model uses immersive hands-on, real-world scenarios to help students develop a solutions-based mindset so that they gain real-life skills to address complex challenges.

Clara Brown Leadership Team
The Clara Brown Entrepreneurial Academy team #staycurious!

As we know that integrating problem-based, hands-on learning into the curriculum takes time, we are creating a master schedule that will allow students to have more time in Humanities and STEM blocks to really dig into learning! The school day will not be lengthened, but rather how students spend their day will be unique. Students will still receive direct instruction in core academic subjects using the district’s approved curriculum, but will also have the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial-specific content within that time as well.

For example, instead of just learning from a textbook about math facts, students will get the opportunity to practice their math skills while budgeting for a project they are creating! Instead of always just reading about the same topic that everyone is reading about, they will get more opportunities to read about something or someone that is interesting specifically to them! They will also get to engage with multiple local and national inventors and entrepreneurs to learn from people who use their entrepreneurial mindsets every day, in the real world, to live their dreams!

Students will have specials or “lab classes” every day and rotate between art, music, PE and technology where they will have the opportunity again to dig into projects and have their coursework align specifically with entrepreneurial mindset themes like perseverance, innovation, risk-taking, and problem solving! There are real world inventors and entrepreneurs that will engage with them throughout the year in these subjects as well so that our students are exposed to as many opportunities as possible!