Academics infused with the spirit of invention

An entrepreneurial mindset is a specific set of beliefs, knowledge, and thought processes that drives entrepreneurial behavior. Those with an entrepreneurial mindset tend to:

  • believe in their ability to succeed and influence their own outcomes, empowering them to take ownership of their lives;
  • have compelling goals that keep them future-focused and intrinsically motivated, driving them to be self-directed, action-oriented, and highly engaged;
  • have an optimistic interpretation of adverse events and see problems as potential opportunities, becoming highly resilient, resourceful, and solution-oriented even within highly uncertain, resource constrained environments;
  • be lifelong knowledge seekers with a focus on micro-experiments as learning opportunities to test ideas, cultivating curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking;
  • display a high-level of reliability, understanding that following through on simple solutions can lead to unforeseen opportunity;
  • have a humanistic outlook, being other-focused and understanding that one creates value by looking to solve problems for others;
  • and surround themselves with an intentional community of positive influence and critical guidance

District-vetted curriculum

Clara Brown Entrepreneurial uses the following district-vetted curriculum and frameworks as a foundation for our academic learning.

Entrepreneurship built in

As a magnet school with an invention & entrepreneurship theme, students have the unique opportunity to engage in entrepreneurial specific learning experiences that will be integrated throughout the year into the foundational curriculum. Experiences are provided by the following programs:

  • EntreEd - EntreEd curates educational practices and programs that forge entrepreneurial capabilities in all students.
  • Inhub - thehenryford - Build invention skills, inspire entrepreneurial thinking and connect core disciplinary understanding to the real-world.
  • Junior Achievement- part of the world's largest nonprofit dedicated to motivating kids for future career success, self-sufficiency, and financial acumen.
  • Venture Lab - a nonprofit organization that is helping create the next generation of innovators and changemakers through entrepreneurial learning.
  • Young Americans Center for Financial Literacy - students learn critical thinking, collaboration, communication, information literacy, initiative, creativity, and accountability.

Entrepreneurial Skill Sets

PreSchool Program

The Clara Brown Entrepreneurial Academy is home to an APS morning and afternoon preschool program.

The preschool is a neighborhood program. Students enrolled in the preschool program who wish to be students at CBEA beginning in Kindergarten will need to apply to the lottery.

If they do not get a seat through the lottery process, they will be placed on the waitlist and can plan on attending their neighborhood boundary school until a seat at Clara Brown Entrepreneurial Academy becomes available.